medical-social-workerMedical Social Worker

Medical Social Workers at Southwest VA Home Health Care, Inc. assist patients and families with health related financial, social and emotional concerns according to the physician’s orders. They provide psychosocial support for patients coping with chronic, acute or terminal illness.

The following is a list of services our Medical Social Worker can provide for your patients:

  • Educate Patients & Prepare Advanced Directives
    • Living Will
    • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Assist Patients in Completing Applications for Community Service Programs
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Medication Assistance
    • Fuel Assistance
    • Cooling Assistance
    • Food Stamps
  • Assist Patients in Completing Applications for Medicaid
  • Assist Patients with the Rental or Purchase of Medical Equipment
  • Arranges Medicaid Transportation Services
  • Assist with Part D Medicare Benefits
  • Counseling for Long Term Planning
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Nursing Home Placement
  • Initiates Adult Protective Services Involvement
  • Coordinates Services with Mental Health Support Agencies
  • Assist Patients to Set-up in Home Lifeline Safety Systems
  • Coordinates Services for Patients that Have Multiple Agency Involvement
  • Provides Hospice Information and Initiates the Referral Process